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Auto Repair & Maintenance

At our auto repair shop, we offer a wide range of services to meet your automotive needs. Our certified technicians are experienced in all aspects of car repair, and they can diagnose and repair any issue on any make or model of vehicle.

Brake fluid check Oil and oil filter check Anti-freeze coolant check Windscreen wash check Full brake check Power steering fluid check Shock absorbers check light check suspension check wheel alignment check exhaust check charging system check

PRIMECH is your trusted alternative to your car service and repair needs. Our experienced technicians provide reliable and consistent service for all your auto repair needs.


Welcome to the PRIMECH Auto Service

We specialize in engine repair, brake service, transmission repair, oil changes, tire rotation and balancing, and other common maintenance services.

We also provide full electrical and suspension services, as well as preventive maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Our goal is to provide you with the best repair services possible and to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Interior, Exterior

Scratches Removal &



Automotive service technicians and mechanics

We work on most Domestic and Foreign vehicles including Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus and more.


  • Common Services

    PRIMECH Auto Services

  • Service Types

    PRIMECH Auto Services

Accurate diagnosis

Inspect vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately

Maintain and upgrade if needed

Inspect vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade

Conduct routine maintenance

Conduct routine maintenance work (replacing fluids, lubricating parts etc.) aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity

Schedule future maintenance sessions

Schedule future maintenance sessions and advise motorists on good vehicle use

Replacing dysfunctional parts

Repair or replace broken or dysfunctional parts and fix issues (e.g. leaks)

Providing accurate estimates

Provide accurate estimates (cost, time, effort) for a repair or maintenance job

Maintain logs on every issue

Keep logs on work and issues and Maintain equipment and tools in good condition

Basic Service

Basic services include a visual inspection and oil and filter change, the critical fluids in the engine such as anti-freeze, brake fluid, washer fluid, and steering fluid, are topped up. Also, to ensure the car is in the best condition possible, a check of up to 35 key components is carried out. The brakes are also checked according to manufacturer guidelines. Additional service is also recommended in case the car needs.

Full Service

A full service usually comprises extra 15-30 additional checks on the car's components in comparison to the basic servicing. Also, along with the basic service, if the car requires any additional maintenance work, there's an additional cost.

Major Service

A major service consists of everything covered in a full service; however, it also includes a change of fuel filters, a change of spark plugs, and some other wear items/services that are suggested in the manufacturer's guidelines. This does not comprise any maintenance work or additional repair.


Car Service

  • Alignment issues
  • Oil changing
  • Wheel pressure check
  • Exhaust cleaning
  • Grease filling
  • Car washing
  • Exterior cleaning


  • Engine repair
  • Brake repair
  • Suspension repair
  • Transmission control
  • Gear-related Repair
  • Steering check up
  • Wipers check

Dentand Paint

  • Car Painting
  • Car Waxing
  • Removing dents
  • Removing scratches
  • Clear coat scratch
  • Repair deep scratch


  • Checking Dashboard Warning Lights
  • dead battery and blown out fuses
  • Headlight,taillight fog light issues
  • Battery replacement



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